Apothecary Essential Oil Diffuser Set

A two-part Pyrex Essential Oil Diffuser made by skilled Artists in Egypt.

Features of these Diffusers include:

Clean Air Design- Our own innovative design of Diffuser, which takes inspiration from Indian Puja Lamps, uses vegetable oil as its' fuel instead of a t-lite. It has a wick holder in it's base and literally any liquid vegetable oil can be used. We often use Olive Oil Pomace which is made from the remains of the pit and pulp from the production of Olive Oil. It has little value as a therapeutic or culinary oil but is a low cost, eco- friendly fuel. The Oil lasts a long time: we recommend half filling the bowl with Oil which can give you 20+ hours before refilling is needed. You can also re-light again the next day without having to refill. 

Two part construction: the upper bowl and stem seperate easilly so that you can access the lower Oil holding part. This is useful for easy access for refilling the Oil and Wick and also so that you can pour off a little Water if you overfill, for instance, without disturbing the base

Temperature Resistant: the diffusers are baked at 500 degrees during creation and are made from borosilicate pyrex which expands instead of shattering with heat 

Top up jug: because it's borosilicate, the water level can be topped up, even when it's hot, without breaking

Made by Skilled Artists in Egypt: It takes minimum 6 years to be a competent glass maker in Egypt. Glass workers are highly intelligent and educated individuals and working with glass is aspirational. By buying this product you are supporting workers who are passionate about their trade and paid a fair wage for their work.

We sell Wick and Olive Oil Pomace.

The Diffuser & Jug may be purchased seperately

Apothecary Essential Oil Diffuser Set