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Background: Creating 'Neroli Scrub'- natural Mica & Oil mix
About Us
The origins of Fairyland Aromatics are a complex mix of inescapable ancestral inheritance, aromatic obsession, visionary experience, divine synchronicity and inspiration. Though Fairyland Aromatics itself opened its doors in 2004, the Herbal/ Phytotherapeutic tradition resonates back through our familly for many generations. However, the focus on the Aromatherapy/Essential Oil strand of Phytotherapy began when Fiona opened her first shop in Glasgow, selling ‘Lothian Herbs’ Essential Oils. Awed by their efficiency at treating all sorts of ailments as well as their suitability as a home treatment, Fiona went on to learn Aromatherapy. At about the same time, Geraint wandered into the shop one day :) Also around the same time, Fiona had an unexpected encounter with an otherworldly winged being which changed the course of life forever…
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While some things in life seem to remain the same, Aromatherapy/ Phytoptherapy continues to add to its knowledge with every new person who uses it. Not bound by the limiting results of laboratory analysis, the empirical observations from everyday experiences with Aromatics continually change what we understand about their properties. Fairyland Aromatics has carried us along on a journey which feels like we are adding to this ever evolving tradition. And this is one of the messages that we want to share with you- that you too can make your own valuable discoveries within this field as well as empower yourself to take charge of your own wellbeing.

We have also found that Aromatics are a way in which we can all connect with ancestral wisdom; the rise in dna analysis showing us that we all have familial connections reaching out way beyond where we were born, often to far distant countries. Many of us feel the pull of this ancestry and we find that working with Essential Oils from particular countries allows us to connect in meaningful ways.

Keen to connect more with the Fairy realm, we gathered up our young familly and moved to Aberfoyle in the Trossachs- the ‘Fairy Capital of Scotland’. We weren’t disappointed in our wish to connect more- soon after moving there, the ‘wee folk’ made their presence known in our lives, beginning a relationship that has been both heartening and fascinating. Living close to the Faye made us realise how intrinsic their presence is to the wellbeing of all living things so that when we came to name our new business venture, it seemed obvious that it had to be Fairyland as none of it would be possible without them. 
Fairyland Aromatics has offered us the opportunity to provide pure, therapeutic grade remedies direct to the public. We consider everything we make to be potentially therapeutic, including our Incenses, due to the naturalness and simplicity of every ingredient used. The aim is to provide products which reflect the true spirit of Herbal Medicine with each ingredient used being chosen with intention and purpose. We supply, and use in our products, only 100%,  unadulterated ingredients of high grade, therapeutic quality, avoiding the addition of unnecessary additives, wherever possible. 
Glastonbury, another centre of the Fairy realm, has long been a place of pilgrimage for our familly and we’ve always found that there is some sort of a ‘Pilgrims test’ on the way…usually something happened like we would get a bit lost on the way, something to make us question how sincere our devotion was to getting there…However in August of 2018 we were travelling towards Glastonbury when we stopped at another sacred site along the way. We returned to our car, after visiting the site, to find our car had been broken into and all our possessions taken; our cash, cards, phone, clothing- even our dogs bed! As a result of this we arrived in Glastonbury as the most humble, penniless Pilgrims possible…This sense of sacrifice alerted us that our intentions were being questioned for some greater reason and we were open to finding what that reason might be…we soon realised- a shop had just come up for rent on the High Street where the Michael ley line crosses the road. It just all seemed to fit…Glastonbury/Avalon called, as it does when it wants you to be there, and we listened. By October of 2018 we had got our lease and started to convert what had been a Solicitors office into our new shop. After extensive transformations, we finally opened in Spring 2019. 
Connecting with Customers old and new in Glastonbury, both local and from distant lands is a wonderful experience and we feel honoured to serve all those who grace us with their presence, whether in person or online. We look forward to providing you with aromatic inspiration, in this new chapter of our personal saga, for many years to come. 
To All of You from All of Us...
In Lakesh & Thank You 
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