Our main aim is to provide products which reflect the true spirit of herbal medicine; we supply and use 100% pure ingredients of high grade, therapeutic quality and avoid the addition of unnecessary additives, wherever possible.

Fairyland Aromatics is a small, family business, based in Aberfoyle, Scotland at the gateway to the Highlands. The inspiration for Fairyland Aromatics has come from many directions and is the culmination of several decades of interest in natural therapies and spontaneous, natural healing.

About Us

Why 'Fairyland'? Place is very important to us. Fairyland Aromatics began in the oldest part of Aberfoyle, the 'Fairy Capital of Scotland'. A good portion of this acclaim comes from one man, Reverend Robert Kirk, a local Minister and Gaelic translator.

Kirk had close associations with the Fairies of Aberfoyle whom he met with on a daily basis. In 1691 he published some of his observations and experiences in his book 'The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies'. Kirk credited the Fairies with being the Guardians of our natural world. 

Many years have passed since the days of Kirk but contemporary sightings confirm that the magical folk are still thriving in the area and reaffirm Aberfoyle as the Centre of Scotlands Fairy world. Since we believe that none of our products would be possible without the help of the Fairies, we thought it only right to name our business after them!

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