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Fairyland Aromatics Ebada Lamps

Our design of Lamp uses any type of vegetable oil as fuel eg; Olive, Sunflower, Almond etc; There is a central, hollow pillar with a hole at it's base. A wick is placed in this pillar and draws up the oil. Essential Oils can be dropped into the oil to make a natural aromatic Lamp which is a source of light and aroma. Inspiration for these came through trying to find alternatives to paraffin wax products since paraffin is environmentally unfriendly and releases toxins into the atmosphere of our homes. We have found that it brings a pleasant feeling of satisfaction to be liberated from paraffin and to be able to simply reach into our kitchen cupboard, karma-free, for whatever oil is there in order to replenish the lamp!

Also available are our Apothecary Oil Burners which use the same fuel design. 

Our glassware is created in Cairo, near to the pyramids, by highly skilled Egyptian glass Artists. 

In buying this product you are supporting traditionally giftes Artisans who are paid a fair wage.

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