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How to set up, use and clean your Fairyland Aromatics Incense Oven

About Fairyland Aromatics Incense Ovens

Grain Incenses have been used from ancient times for home scenting and cleansing, spiritual and magical practices. Traditionally they are burned to produce a fragrant smoke.While Fairyland Aromatics does acknowledge the importance of burning Incense, especially for Ceremonial use, our Incense Ovens offer a unique alternative for contemporary life. The Incense is warmed on a bed of sand, creating an aromatic vapour instead of smoke. While an intense aroma is still released, the Incense lasts much longer, doesn’t clog our atmosphere with intrusive smoke and is arguably more therapeutic as only the healthfull, aromaticmolecules are diffused into the atmosphere.

Parts of the Incense Oven explained

The Base

The Base holds the candle- which of course is the heat source. The dimensions of the balloon part of the base helps ensure that the Incense is kept at the right temperature.

The Bowl

The bowl holds a layer of Incense Sand plus the Incense itself. The Sand stops the Incense from sticking and also helps to maintain the temperature around the Incense.

The Lid

The lid fits closely over the bowl, sealing much of the warmth inside. Holes in the lower part of the lid, plus the ‘chimney’ release the fragrant molecules in the form of a smoke-free vapour

Setting up your Incense Oven

Position a lit t-lite in the Base 

Place the Bowl onto the Base

Fill the Bowl with approximately 1cm of Incense Sand. 

Add your choice of Grain Incense using a small teaspoon or one of our Wooden Grain Incense Spoons 

Close the Oven by replacing the Lid.


Cleaning your Incense Oven

To perform a light clean:

Remove any remaining Sand, Incense and the used t-lite from the Oven. Place the parts in a bowl and pour on boiling water until all the parts are covered. Leave to soak for a few minutes. Using tongs, remove from the water. As soon as the parts are cool enough to touch (but still very warm) polish each part carefully with a soft cloth. Set aside any part which needs extra cleaning.

Never hold the Bowl by its handle when cleaning!

 Holding the handle while exerting pressure to clean the Bowl could break the handle. Always support the Bowl by holding the main body- especially with our Egyptian Glass Incense Ovens.

Extra cleaning of the Lid:

The lid may gather oil and crystalline ‘fluff’ depending on which Incense you are using. To clean this, cut a one inch wide strip from a plastic kitchen scrubber. Pour a few drops of neat washing up liquid into the lid and, reaching inside with the scrubber, direct the scrubber around the inside of the lid with your finger. A small bottle brush such as the mini ones available for babies bottles can be useful for cleaning the ‘chimney’.

Extra cleaning for the Bowl:

If your bowl acquires some stuck-on Incense/Sand some further work is needed to restore it. Before cleaning the Bowl, place it on a soft surface such as a tea towel or flat 5mm kitchen sponge cloth. You can firstly try to remove the residue by adding a few drops of neat washing up liquid to the bowl and scrubbing gently with a plastic scrubber. If this doesn’t remove it, add isopropyl alcohol until the stuck-on residue is covered. Leave for 1 minute then, using the tip of a teaspoon, or similar, gently scrub the residue to remove. To finish, wash in very warm soapy water and polish with a soft cloth or tea towel.

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