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Moon Chalice Incense Burner

This Antique Copper Ritual Goblet with Triple Moon 8x13cm is a unique and beautiful item that carries a rich history and symbolism. The perfect piece of equipment for rituals and ceremonies. 

A characteristic feature of this goblet is the decoration in the form of a triple moon. It is a strong symbol in many cultures and beliefs, and its presence on this goblet makes it an ideal tool for rituals related to transformation, womanhood and rebirth. 

Made of antiqued copper, which gives it an antique character. The Antique Copper Ritual Goblet with Triple Moon goblet can be used in various contexts, such as magical rituals, religious ceremonies, and esoteric meetings. 


Can also be used as a Goblet or Butter Lamp


Please note: The vessels become very hot when used to burn incense or other products. Always place on a heat-resistant surface and handle with care. You can fill the vessel with some non-flammable material, e.g. sand.

Moon Chalice Incense Burner

£29.00 Regular Price
£21.75Sale Price
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