Stumpy 'Smokeless' Grain Incense Oven

A  Smoke- Free Diffuser for Grain Incenses. Made of three parts with a base, fitted bowl and lid. A tee-lite is placed in the base. The fitted bowl is filled with 1 cm of fine silica sand to which the incense is added.

A t-lite is placed in the base and the lid helps to keep the contents at the perfect temperature for diffusion. 


With these Ovens only the volatile, therapeutic molecules are released and there isn’t the usual smoke associated with Incense so it will not set off your fire alarm. Diffusion occurs gradually over a prolonged period making it a clean and cost effective way of experiencing Incense.


The unique design of our Incense Ovens was created especially for us by talented Egyptian Artists. It takes minimum 7 years to be a competent Glass Artist. The time honoured skills involved in making Egyptian glassware are sadly on the decline; demand for hookah pipes has drawn skilled workers away from the old ways. In buying this product you are supporting traditionally skilled Craftspeople who are paid a fair wage.


We have a ever changeing colour range of Stumpy Incense Ovens. Please see the scroll down menu or contact us for further details.


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Stumpy 'Smokeless' Grain Incense Oven