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White Sacred Sage Smudge

The energy of White Sage is clearing, purifying and protective. It has traditionally been used to ward off negative energies and entities. It used in all kinds of ceremones including those to attract health and prosperity.

Available in two sizes

To use you will need a heatproof dish- traditionally an Abalone Shell or Smudge Pot- a large Feather and matches or lighter. Hold your lighter or match at the end of the Smudge Stick until it is glowing and direct the smoke around the body or space using your Feather. Make sure to extinguish the Smudge Stick afterwards- having a bowl of earth can be very handy for this.

Supplied in biogredadeable waxed paper bag. Sales of our smudge directly help Native Americans who are actively employed by their creation.

White Sacred Sage Smudge

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