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Sensitive Skin

What sensitises our skin is a very individual thing. Sensitisation/allergy can cause issues ranging from mild irritation to severe and ongoing symptoms. For those of us who are particularly sensitive, it's important to take special precautions before using a new product, even if it has been recommended to you. We, therefore, recommend that you perform a patch test before using any Fairyland Aromatics product. 

Know your allergies...

If you find that you are generally sensitive to known and, sometimes, unknown substances it could benefit you to be tested for allergies. A comprehensive test is available free on the NHS if you are a UK resident, otherwise check with your local Health Authority to see what's available to you.

Check the Ingredients

Always firstly check the ingredients, of any new product before using, for substances which you know you are allergic/ sensitive to. Avoid any products which do contain substances which cause you sensitisation.

How to do a patch test

To test any new product for sensitisation/allergy apply it to a small, out of sight area, such upper arm or thigh-a patch/area of one inch square is sufficient. Be aware of any symptoms which occur over the next 48 hours. If you remain symptom- free/ no sensitisation then it should be safe for you to use the product.

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